The Summer and the Fall 

At long last the new album is available! Is up on bandcamp now and I'll have CD's with me whenever I'm playing live now. It will be up on iTunes and Spotify on April 15th. So glad to finally have this thing done, it just might be my favorite record so far, a tremendous amount of love went into it.
Hope you dig it:


New Album, "The Summer and the Fall," is out April 15th!

Stay tuned for news about a few album release shows. I'll probably have a few listening parties somewhere too. The phrase "listening party" sounds pretty cool, whatever it means. This is the cover:

 The Summer and the Fall cover

Also, we played a show not that long ago and we have a little footage from it, which you can watch on Facebook here:
Eliot Chamberlain Band at Liz's Cafe


Chapter 9 EP now on Spotify, iTunes, etc. 

Took me long enough! The damn thing has only been out, what, a year and a half?
Well, this is a link to it on Spotify. 
And speaking of big internet institutions,
I finally made a Facebook page too.

The Record is Practically Done 

Good news, folks! My new album is coming out soon. No release date just yet, but that's certainly coming soon. Can I set a release date for the release date? Not yet, but I will have that information for you... at some point.

Chapter 9 EP

Brand New EP available now! Hear it and download it below. Or click here if you don't see it.